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How To Use A Sign Language Interpreter


A BSL/English Interpreter can help a sign language to the other. They interpret from one language to the other. In the U.K, this will usually be from British Sign Language to spoken or written English to BSL


Interpreter trained for many years. They need a good level of English, relevant qualification in BSL, they should have completed approved interpreter training. BSL/English interpreter are used by people who are D/deaf: whose first or preferred langauge in BSL, or Sign Supported English (SSE).


An interpreter can be very useful whenever sign language users and hearing people need to communicate. For instance, you may need an interpreter when you are:

  • Visiting Your GP
  • At a hospital appointment
  • At meetings and conferences
  • In work meetings and training
  • In job interviews
  • At College or university
  • At school meetings


What kind of interpreter should I get?


Use someone who is registered with The National Registers of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People (NRCPD). See

They should be registered as a:

  • Is registered on the  Register of Sign Language Interpreters (RSLI)
  • Trainee Interpreter (TI), or a
  • Junior Trainee Interpreter (JTI)

Make sure that the interpreter has the right qualifications and experience for the assignment.

Try to book an Interpreter who knows about special terms that may be used 

Ask about this when you make the booking.


Code of conduct


MRSLIs, TIs and JTIs follow a strict code of conduct and guidelines for professional practice.

1)     Everything that is said in an assignment is strictly confidential.

2)     They will not give advice or opinions while working with you.

 ( please see code of ethics page)


Preparation material

wherever possible please try to send the booking agent copies of any back ground information regarding the assignment. So the interpreter will know what to expect and can prepare as much as possible for the assignment.



To communicate effectively, the sign language user and interpreter need to see each other clearly.  The interpreter will advise on the best place for them to sit or stand and will take into account lighting and visibility.


If you are using flipcharts, an overhead projector, hand outs, film clips etc, these need be positioned near to the interpreter

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              Our staff meet the standards required by Signature.


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We are a motivated team of Interpreters and Communicators.

All of our staff are NRCPD registered. 

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